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This is Nadya’s VIPs. Our Escort Montreal agency is populated with escorts from various occupations and backgrounds. These are students, models, office workers, erotic models and pornstars. We do not advertise their actual occupations on their escort Montreal agency profiles. This due of course for discretion and confidentiality purposes . Your confidentiality is also secured at Nadya’s VIPs. This is the key part of being professionals.

Escorts Montreal – Multiple hours – Express delivery – Experienced agency bookers

Our Escort Montreal can be reserved for one, two, three or multiple hours. We gladly will. Longer bookings can easily be scheduled. Our experienced bookers Carroll Cash and Richard will help you set things into motion. Whatever a dinner date and overnight bookings. They will ensure that you are pleased and fully satisfied. Both are professional bookers who are fluent in both English and French; will easily exchange with you and the language of your choice. Both will ensure that it doesn’t matter to the girl ! You will be in good hands. Most importantly. Punctuality is of the essence . We do understand that you are expecting your Escort Montreal on time . Our word is gold. And when it comes to scheduling . No one can measure up to Richard. Our agency booker ! Richard brinds decades of experience and knows the grand Montreal area inside out.

Escorts authentic pictures and profiles – Real GFE PSE Services

Our Escort Montreal agency profiles are populated with real and authentic pictures. We also provide honest descriptions of escorts Montreal. Naturally these services will gladly be catered to you for the lovely Playmate of your selection. We have always maintained the highest levels of benevolence. That’s why we have been in business for over twelve years. We started off the thirteenth year this May. Your trust is a blessing to us. It’s very dear to us. As you would think – it’s a must that you call back ! We want to provide you with a great time. This with one of our genuine lovely Escort Montreal.

Escort Montreal – No Photoshop policy – The finest in an escort agency

At Nadya’s VIPs Escorts Montreal agency, we’re proud to say that what you see in the pictures is the girl that will knock at your door. Not many agencies can make that claim. First because their hiring practices are flawed. Second, the excessive use of Photoshop. Third and the worst is the blatant act of using fake pictures. At Nadya’s VIPs we ensure that your enjoyment starts at the moment your lovely escort Montreal arrives at your location. That’s without question ! We believe that’s the best part of the entire experience ! The anticipation of a stunning Escort Montreal walking up your steps. Knock Knock Knock and there she is at your door ! The one that you have selected. A lovely young woman. You greet her . Exchange pleasantries . Then let’s get the party started !

Bachelor party’s – Stags – Poolside events – Limousine riding – Nadya’s VIPs event organizers

At Nadya’s VIPs Escorts Montreal we put on the best show and events there is. There is no doubt that our vast experience plays to our favor. We have organised more than seven hundred events of all kinds. Every type of bachelor party and social events there is. We have successfully put them together. Carroll Cash’s background in tourism and the fact that he has traveled the world , makes him the ideal individual to structure your project from ground up. The event you are looking for. No one is better qualified. Once all is a go Richard takes over to ensure that everything goes according to schedule. Richard brings twenty five years as a professional booker and party organizer. With the assistance of such knowledgeable individuals, this is going to be a success !

On-demand private jet service filled with busty babes – Yacht Spinners and Playmate events – High End social events 514-812-4547

The Escorts Montreal agency Nadya’s VIPs does cater to high end requests. You need to privately fly to Paris , London or Milan with fine companionship; we can ensure that this moment will be long remembered. You are with an important client and you need an urgent flight to Toronto while being entertained and close the deal ! You are one phone call away. You are planning to visit Montreal with friends to socialize ! Nadya’s VIPs Escorts Montreal is where you want to call. At your request we can have a yacht and it’s captain and crew , filled with busty Playmates and tall Spinners on board and ready to have fun and party. All set with champagne and caviar ! All of this for your entertainment .

Couples and Duo’s – Threesome – Bisexual activities – Express driving services

Our stunning Montreal escorts are truly into each other. Deep french kissers and lovers. Enjoying each other while having dinner at the Y. The use of toys is to be expected. Orgasms is their specialty ! Yours and theirs ! Your lovely spouse will especially enjoy a moment of intimacy with any of our lovely Escorts Montreal. Intimacy at it’s finest. Nadya’s VIPs will provide you with the hottest threesomes there are. A loving affair between the three of you. Where you can do as you please ! Visit our Escorts Montreal gallery. There you will find the members of our Dream Team. The type of girls that you can only dream off ! Once into our gallery you may find yourself lost in the moment and look for the possibility of a wonderful threesome. Yes two lovely Escort Montreal. Just for you. To cater to you. With passion and desire during the course of your evening !


We truly believe that today – we’re the most reliable escort agency there is ! Express delivery and courtesy services . Discretion as always. The girls are looking the part. Molding themselves into any environment at any time. Smiling and glowing . Bringing light into the night !

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